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Category: Interviews


On the Today Show

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NPR’s Talk of the Nation


Here's an excerpt of my interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" program:


ROBERTS: You write that you're still struggling with this sort of fundamental oxymoron that what makes you unique and standout and special, is actually that you're not unique - that there's someone exactly like you.

Ms. POGREBIN: That's so well put and I think it's the conundrum people don't realize when they look at twins. There's an assumption that it's this idyllic relationship. And in many ways it is. I mean, you come into the world with someone and you're never alone, you're never, kind of, floating out there by yourself, making your way. You always have an ally. You always have a backup. You always have a support system. But you're also always compared to someone else, always measured against someone else. And if you're identical as Robin and I are, you're constantly confused with someone else.

NPR's Talk of the Nation


West Side Spirit Profile

Here is a profile Kevin Filipski wrote about me for the Westside Spirit:

"It Takes Two"

As a twin whose sister writes for the New York Times, Abigail Pogrebin seems uniquely qualified to author a book titled One and the Same: My Life as an Identical Twin and What I’ve Learned About Everyone’s Struggle to Be Singular. But she didn’t think so at first. “It was percolating in a way I didn’t necessarily confront, and every time I considered exploring it, it got so personal that there was no way to separate approaching it as a journalist and as a twin,” said Pogrebin, an Upper West Side native and former 60 Minutes producer. “I finally decided to not be frightened by the fact that it would be personal.” Of course, since the book covers her life as a twin, including a visit to Twinsburg, Ohio, which hosts an annual twins convention, her family is included, especially her twin sister. Abigail Pogrebin’s new book reflects on her life as a twin and profiles the unusual experiences of other twins.

Read the rest at the  Westside Spirit.