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Category: Audio


The Leonard Lopate Show


I was on the Leonard Lopate Show today. Listen to the audio here or on WNYC's Website.


NPR’s Talk of the Nation


Here's an excerpt of my interview on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" program:


ROBERTS: You write that you're still struggling with this sort of fundamental oxymoron that what makes you unique and standout and special, is actually that you're not unique - that there's someone exactly like you.

Ms. POGREBIN: That's so well put and I think it's the conundrum people don't realize when they look at twins. There's an assumption that it's this idyllic relationship. And in many ways it is. I mean, you come into the world with someone and you're never alone, you're never, kind of, floating out there by yourself, making your way. You always have an ally. You always have a backup. You always have a support system. But you're also always compared to someone else, always measured against someone else. And if you're identical as Robin and I are, you're constantly confused with someone else.

NPR's Talk of the Nation


Doubleday Interview on One and the Same

Double Day Interview with me on One and the Same